Send House Committee Chairs Home for Good Nov. 2nd

I have listed below the names of twenty House committees and their Chairman. The Chairman of a House committee has a lot of power in the US House. This power is what professional lobbyists recognize when they decide which campaign they will finance. When times are hard the committee chairmen have a bigger target on their back than their colleagues, and this is why a lot of them do not get re-elected in a wave election. Times are hard and we are about to have a wave election. The first two on my list have already decided not to seek re-election, and the GOP nominee in those two districts are expected to win. I believe the GOP nominees for the next eight on this list can win the seat. It will take a lot of time, talent, and treasure to win, but it can be done. When the Ds returning to the House discover that so many of their former committee chairmen are not returning with them, then it will have a powerful humbling effect on them. They discover what happens to someone in the US House when they become too arrogant and pompous. It will be a joy for me to watch the post-mortem analysis. I wonder how many of them will actually get it.

I provide a short video below of each of the eight nominees that I want to see some special efforts of support by all Republicans. I understand that decisions have to be made by each individual on how support is allocated, and I also think that efforts sending House committee chairmen home is time well spent if there is a possibility of getting it done. As Larry the Cable Guy puts it – ‘Get ‘er done’.

  1. Committee on Science and Technology Bart Gordon(TN-6), Chairman
  2. Committee on Appropriations David Obey(WI-7), Chairman
  3. Committee on Financial Services Barney Frank(MA-4), Chairman
  4. Committee on the Budget John Spratt(SC-5), Chairman
  5. Committee on Homeland Security Bennie Thompson(MS-2), Chairman
  6. Committee on Armed Services Ike Skelton(MO-4), Chairman
  7. Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure Jim Oberstar(MN-8), Chairman
  8. Committee on Agriculture Collin Peterson(MN-7), Chairman
  9. Committee on Natural Resources Nick Rahall(WV-3), Chairman
  10. Committee on Veterans’ Affairs Bob Filner(CA-51), Chairman
  11. Committee on Ways and Means Sander Levin(MI-12)
  12. Committee on Rules Louise Slaughter(NY-28), Chairman
  13. Committee on the Judiciary John Conyers(MI-14), Chairman
  14. Committee on Energy and Commerce Henry Waxman(CA-30), Chairman
  15. Committee on Foreign Affairs Howard Berman(CA-28), Chairman
  16. Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Ed Towns(NY-10), Chairman
  17. Committee on Education and Labor George Miller(CA-7), Chairman
  18. Committee on Small Business Nydia Velazquez(NY-12), Chairman
  19. Committee on Standards of Official Conduct Zoe Lofgren(CA-16), Chairman
  20. Committee on House Administration Robert Brady(PA-1), Chairman

Nick Popaditch GOP nominee running to defeat Bob Filner

Sean Bielat GOP nominee running to defeat Barney Frank

Chip Cravaack GOP nominee to defeat Jim Oberstar

Vicky Hartzler GOP nominee running to defeat Ike Skelton

Mick Mulvaney GOP nominee running to defeat John Spratt

Bill Marcy GOP nominee running to defeat Bennie Thompson

Lee Byberg GOP nominee running to defeat Collin Peterson

Spike Maynard GOP nominee running to defeat Nick Rahall