Pilgrims's List of GOP Governor Nominees Crushing Donks


In 2010 we have 19 Ds and 18 Rs running for Governor. There are 7 Ds and 6 Rs who are not up for election this year. Will it be an awesome feat when the smoke clears and the Ds are down to 9 wins and the Rs have won 28? Yes it will be an awesome feat, and it is also a possibility of becoming a reality. The Rs can defeat 3 incumbent Ds and pick off open seats. The balance of power will shift from 26 Ds and 24 Rs to 16 Ds and 34 Rs. Electing more Republican governors has never been more important. We know Republicans won’t become America’s majority party again until we reclaim the majority of governorships. Governors are the leading political figures in their states and can have tremendous impact on down-ballot races. Moreover, they are able to build and organize the critical state Party infrastructure needed to win close elections.

Below I have listed all the 2010 Governor contests 1 thru 37. Just because the GOP candidate I list is down at number 29 thru 37 does not in any way mean that I think we should concede on any of those. Do not concede anything. I just want to illustrate by naming names in my order of confidence how in 2010 we can keep the Ds down to winning only 9 while we are winning 28. We have not won anything yet. We need a strong GOTV and a continued enthusiasm to win an election instead of make a statement.

1. Gary Herbert Utah
2. Dave Heineman Nebraska
3. Butch Otter Idaho
4. Dennis Daugaard South Dakota
5. Robert Bentley Alabama
6. Matt Mead Wyoming
7. Sam Brownback Kansas
8. Mary Fallin Oklahoma
9. Bill Haslam Tennessee
10. Brian Sandoval Nevada
11. Jan Brewer Arizona
12. Sean Parnell Alaska
13. Rick Snyder Michigan
14. Terry Branstad vs Chet Culver Iowa
15. Rick Perry Texas
16. Nikki Haley South Carolina
17. Scott Walker Wisconsin
18. Tom Corbett Pennsylvania
19. Nathan Deal Georgia
20. Susana Martinez New Mexico
21. John Kasich vs Ted strickland Ohio
22. Paul LePage Maine
23. Brian Dubie Vermont
24. Rick Scott Florida
25. Bill Brady vs Pat Quinn Illinois
26. Chris Dudley Oregon
27. Tom Emmer Minnesota
28. Meg Whitman California
29. Duke Aiona Hawaii
30. John Robitaille Rhode Island
31. Charles Baker vs Deval Patrick Massachusetts
32. Bob Ehrlich vs Martin O’Malley Maryland
33. Thomas Foley Connecticut
34. Dan Maes Colorado
35. Carl Paladino New York
36. John Stephen vs John Lynch New Hampshire
37. Jim Keet vs Mike Beebe Arkansas

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