Pilgrim's List of GOP Senate Nominees Crushing Donks


In 2006 there were 18 Ds and 15 Rs running for US Senate. After all the smoke cleared the Rs were down to 9 wins and the Ds had won 24. The Ds defeated 6 incumbent Rs. The balance of power shifted from 55 Rs and 45 Ds to 49 Rs and 51 Ds. Flash forward to 2010 when we have 19 Ds and 18 Rs running for the US Senate. There is one more seat in the Senate Class 3, and there are 3 special elections that explain why the total is 37 instead of the 33 contests of 2006. Will it be an awesome feat when the smoke clears and the Ds are down to 9 wins and the Rs have won 28? Yes it will be an awesome feat, and it is also a possibility of becoming a reality. The Rs can defeat 6 incumbent Ds. The balance of power will shift from 59 Ds and 41 Rs to 49 Ds and 51 Rs. Below I have listed all the 2010 US Senate contests 1 thru 37. Just because the GOP candidate I list is down at number 29 thru 37 does not in any way mean that I think we should concede on any of those. Do not concede anything. I just want to illustrate by naming names in my order of confidence how in 2010 we can keep the Ds down to winning only 9 while we are winning 28. We have not won anything yet. We need a strong GOTV and a continued enthusiasm to win an election instead of make a statement.

1. Jim DeMint South Carolina
2. Tom Coburn Oklahoma
3. Mike Crapo Idaho
4. Richard Shelby Alabama
5. John Thune South Dakota
6. John McCain Arizona
7. Richard Burr North Carolina
8. David Vitter Louisiana
9. Chuck Grassley Iowa
10. Johnny Isakson Georgia
11. Jerry Moran Kansas
12. Roy Blunt Missouri
13. Mike Lee Utah
14. Dan Coats Indiana
15. John Hoeven North Dakota
16. Rand Paul Kentucky
17. Marco Rubio Florida
18. Rob Portman Ohio
19. Kelly Ayotte New Hampshire
20. Pat Toomey Pennsylvania
21. John Raese West Virginia
22. Joe Miller vs Lisa Murkowski Alaska
23. John Boozman vs Blanche Lincoln Arkansas
24. Ken Buck vs Michael Bennet Colorado
25. Ron Johnson vs Russ Feingold Wisconsin
26. Sharron Angle vs Harry Reid Nevada
27. Carly Fiorina vs Babs Boxer California
28. Dino Rossi vs Patty Murray Washington
29. Mark Kirk Illinois
30. Christine O’Donnell Delaware
31. Linda McMahon Connecticut
32. Jim Huffman vs Ron Wyden Oregon
33. Joe DioGuardi vs Kirsten Gillibrand New York
34. Eric Wargotz vs Barb Mikulski Maryland
35. Jay Townsend vs Chuck Schumer New York
36. Len Britton vs Pat Leahy Vermont
37. Cam Cavasso vs Daniel Inoue Hawaii

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