Do you have any Grade A Congress Critters?

Out here in west Texas I have one Grade A US Senator, (Cornyn), and one Grade A US Rep.,(Conaway). It is natural when one elects to get something they need that they look to see if it is Grade A. The same principle should be in play when one elects a CongressCritter™. Liberty Central has made it much easier and convenient to see the grades by State of each member of its congressional delegation. For more information about the assigned grades read Guidelines for Liberty Central Legislative Scorecard

This is certainly the time to check right before you go vote on November 2. Right now all the incumbent Ds and their supporters, including MSM, can do is speak shrilly about how radical and kooky their GOP opponent is. They are unable to speak calmly and with pride about their accomplishments and voting records. Tune out the shrill voices and stay focused on what the majority in Congress have done with the bills they have rammed through in the past 22 months. Then ask yourself if these shrilly incumbents who are running away from their voting records are actually the ones who are radical and kooky.

Below I have crunched out three tables from the Liberty Central Legislative Scoreboard. The first table lists the five states with all their CongressCritters™ grade F. The second table lists the four states with none of their CongressCritters™ grade F. The third table lists the seven states with none of their CongressCritters™ grade A and yet not all are grade F. The first column in the table is the State and the second column is the open/incumbent factor. The exception is that in the second table listing no Fs I put in the second column the seat with the poorest grade and for Wyoming I put the grades. The incumbent always has a built-in advantage over their opponent in both money and name ID. In a wave election year when many are very upset with what has been rammed through that they hate, and what issues like taxes and budget have not even been addressed the name ID is not a positive. The money may not be enough to distract the voters from their anger. The DOOM for establishment politicians will hit them like a ton of bricks if GOP nominees win in States that have no open seats. The States I’m talking about include Alaska, Idaho, Maine, New Mexico, and Oregon. I can’t wait to watch the reactions.

Table 1 All Fs

State open/incumbent factor
Connecticut open Senate 5 incumbent House
New Mexico 3 incumbent House
North Dakota open Senate 1 incumbent House
Rhode Island 1 incumbent 1 open House
Vermont incumbent Senate incumbent House

Table 2 no Fs

State seat with poorest grade
Alabama open House 7th
Idaho incumbent House 1st
Oklahoma incumbent House 2nd
Wyoming 2A’s and 1 B

Table 3 No A’s but not All Fs

State open/incumbent factor
Alaska incumbent Senate incumbent House
Delaware open Senate open House
Hawaii incumbent Senate 2 incumbent House
Maine 2 incumbent House
Massachusetts 9 incumbent 1 open House
New Hampshire open Senate 1 open 1 incumbent House
Oregon incumbent Senate 5 incumbent House

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