I support Jon Barela on Immigration Reform

Jon Barela

Jon Barela is the GOP nominee running for the NM-1 House seat. His opponent is Marty Heinrich, incumbent first elected to this seat in 2008. This district is in the middle of New Mexico, and includes Albuquerque. Republicans had held this seat until 2008, but the Cook PVI is D+5. Based on the Liberty Central scorecard for 12 votes by Heimrich, the residents of this district should vote for Barela.

Liberty Central Grade=F and Score=15 on the 12 votes listed in the table below. He got 3 extra points for being a co-sponsor on 3 of the bills.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Yes
Financial Reform Yes
Student Loan takeover Yes
Cap and Trade Yes
Health Care Yes
Stimulus Yes
SERVE/Americorp Yes, co-sponsor
Lilly Ledbetter Yes, co-sponsor
Hate Crimes Yes
DISCLOSE Yes, co-sponsor
TARP Rescission No
Missile Defense No

New Mexico is not Massachusetts. The residents are not students at Harvard, but working men and women who are not much different from those of us living in west Texas. The problem is with the unions fighting to keep this seat from flipping back to the GOP. Texas is a right to work State and New Mexico is not.

In this congressional district about 43% of the residents are hispanic, and, while the GOP candidate is hispanic, many of the GOP voices concerning immigration reform turn them off to voting Republican. Real Clear Politics published this article, Barela Bucks Party on Immigration in New Mexico recently. an excerpt:

Republican House candidate Jon Barela was returning from a recent trip to the southern part of his state to visit his parents in Las Cruces when he was stopped at a border patrol station.

Barela’s father had recently suffered a stroke, so the former Albuquerque public school board official was preoccupied and had not shaved in a week when he was stopped at the patrol station in his older car.

“I looked as tired as I was,” Barela recalled in an interview with RealClearPolitics on Tuesday. “They never stop me, and if they do, they say, ‘You American?’ Yeah. ‘Hit the road.’ The one time I look like a vagabond or somebody who just didn’t look the part of being a professional, or whatever you want to say, ‘Oh man, pull over. Where are you going? Why were you in Cruces?'”

This is not an effective means of border enforcement. This is just personal harassment of a tired, dirty hispanic getting treated differently that a clean, articulate hispanic. He goes on to say how in Israel it’s totally different. In Israel they give everyone a going over to determine where you are coming from, and they don’t care what you look like. They care about where you come from in terms of both geography and psychology.

Jon Barela on immigration reform

I think people misperceive a lot of our positions, who support some sort of temporary status, is that being the priority of immigration reform. No, the priority in immigration reform is first and foremost border security. Then we talk about the subsequent things we do to fix the immigration issue.

Barela said that he does not support the DREAM Act, which would provide temporary residency for qualified alien students. Marty Heinrich supports the bill, which was most recently included in the 2010 National Defense Authorization Act but was filibustered in the Senate.

Barela said that he could not support a bill that he deemed an “immediate path” to citizenship, but he took issue with the refrain used frequently within his own party: that granting a path to citizenship for illegal aliens was akin to “amnesty.”

Being the old lawyer, words mean something. Amnesty is where you totally forgive the crime and you pardon them basically. We’re not pardoning anybody. We’re basically giving them temporary status. If they want to become citizens, they have to go to the back of the line. It may take them many years.

I support Jon Barela and his ideas concerning immigration reform. He has been living and dealing with the issues in this border state, New Mexico. I respect what he has to say on the subject a lot more than any bloviations from a Tom Tancredo or Bay Buchanan.

The unions will make this contest a difficult one for Jon Barela to win. If you would like to know more about Jon Barela, and you are able to send him a few bucks, then please visit his web site.

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