That Was Then - This Is Now

Donna Brazile

In 1994 and 2000, there were 24 black G.O.P. nominees. And you didn’t see many of them win their elections.

J.C.Watts OK-04 is the only black GOP to serve from Jan. 1995 to Jan 2003. This district is R+18.

I do not like the condescending tone of Donna Brazile, but the history is what it is. I want this election in 2010 to be better than the 1994 tide. I am going to be very disappointed if Tim Scott is the only black GOP candidate who is elected. This year we have 14 black GOP nominees. How many and which ones can we support and help them win their election? I do not have all the answers. Let me know what you think. I think we can write about how worthy our nominee is for the seat or write about how unworthy the incumbent is to remain in that seat. In either case when we do it often enough it will have an effect on the top links that you see with a Google search on the candidate’s name. The idea is to have positive links at the top for our guy, and negative links at the top for the opponent.

There is an undercurrent of sentiment among some black Republican conservatives that very few, maybe only 1, black GOP candidates are getting serious Republican support. I do not want to believe this, but perhaps each one of us needs to do what we can do in support instead of relying on the NRCC and RNC. We can’t sit back and see if the NRCC and RNC make all the right moves, and then wring our hands blaming the NRCC and RNC on Nov.3 that only one black GOP candidate won the day before. I have listed below each of the 14 nominees, and a short summation of how partisan the district is and when and circumstances of incumbent’s first election to the seat. Instead of putting a link to their web sites I prefer that you use Google search on their name, and see what are the top listed results. If they are negative artricles, then we need to get busy and change that.

TimScottSC  Tim Scott SC-01 (Republican Congressman Henry E. Brown, Jr. 4 January 2010: Announced retirement open seat) This district is R +10

Florida congressional challenger Allen West  Allen West FL-22 vs Ron Klein (First elected: 2006)This district is D+1

Ryan Frazier  Ryan Frazier CO-07 vs Ed Perlmutter (First elected: 2006)This district is D+4

Bill Randall  Bill Randall NC-13 vs Brad Miller (First elected: 2002) This district is D+5

Charles Lollar  Charles Lollar MD-05 vs Steny Hoyer This district is D+11

Bill Marcy  Bill Marcy MS-02 vs Bennie G. Thompson (First elected in Special Election, 13 April 1993, re: resignation of Congressman Mike Espy, 21 January 1993) This district is D+12

Marvin-Scott-cropped  Marvin Scott IN-07 vs Andre D. Carson (First elected: 11 March 2008 in a Special Election called to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Congressman Julia M. Carson (his grandmother) on 15 December 2007) This district is D+14

Chuck Smith  Chuck Smith VA-03 vs Bobby Scott This district is D+20

charlotteBergmann  Charlotte Bergmann TN-09 vs Steve Cohen (First elected: 2006) This district is D+23

star_parker  Star Parker CA-37 vs Laura Richardson (First elected in a special election to fill the vacancy resulting from the 22 April 2007 passing of Democratic Congressman Juanita Millender-McDonald: 21 August 2007) This district is D+26

pastor-stephen-broden  Stephen Broden TX-30 vs Eddie Bernice Johnson This district is D+27

Robert Broadus  Robert Broadus MD-04 vs Donna Fern Edwards (First elected in a Special Election, 17 June 2008, held to fill vacancy caused by the resignation of Congressman Albert Wynn, effective 1 June 2008) This district is D+31

Rev_Isaac_Hayes_Republican  Isaac Hayes IL-02 vs Jesse Louis Jackson, Jr.(First elected: 12 December 1995 in Special Election re: resignation of Congressman Mel Reynolds, 1 October 1995) This district is D+36

Michel Faulkner  Michel Faulkner NY-15 vs Charles B. Rangel This district is D+41

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