Good News for Michigan GOP


Most folks think of Michigan as a blue state economic basket case. One thinks about strong unions and car manufacturers, and how many obstacles have been created by Federal and State government to stifle any incentives to invest in this State. The two US Senators are liberal Ds, and 8 of the 15 US House seats are held by Ds. This November 2, 2010 midterm election could be a major game changer for the state of Michigan. This election it is possible they will elect a Republican for Governor, and elect 6 new GOP US House members to replace 6 incumbent Ds. Can you imagine Michigan having 13 Rs and 2 Ds representing them in the US House, and a Republican Governor? Below I have broke down each congressional district seat currently held by a D with the Cook PVI and the Real Clear Politics rating for this election cycle.

MI-9 D+2 Toss Up
MI-5 D+11
MI-12 D+12
MI-15 D+13 Leans Dem
MI-1 R+3 Leans GOP
MI-7 R+2 Leans GOP
MI-13 D+31
MI-14 D+34

In today’s Detroit Free Press is an article about the MI-15 House contest. an excerpt with my putting in bold a key portion. 

Statewide polls suggest Republicans could do very well statewide in Michigan in the Nov. 2 election, though relatively few polls have been conducted in congressional races. Dingell’s race is not among the three in Michigan expected to be the closest.

Sean Trende of Real Clear Politics mentions in his column today that the story begs the question…

If Dingell is truly down in this D+13 district, what does this say for Democratic chances in the 5th (D+12) and the 12th (D+13), neither of which appear to be on anyone’s radar screens?

I think Sean asks a good question, and it inspired me to write this piece. I enjoy thinking that the Ds are nervous about losing seats in the US House and the Governor’s seat in Michigan. Below I have videos of Dr. Rob Steele MI-15, Don Volaric MI-12, and John Kupiec MI-5. If you click on their name you will see their website. I encourage everyone to watch the videos, visit their websites, and send them a few bucks if you are able to. I think there is a perception that Michigan is so far gone nobody should even bother or care about them. This is not right. These are not numbers on a spreadsheet, but real human beings who just want to improve their living conditions. Please do not just write off the entire State of Michigan as a lost cause, at least not yet.

Dr. Rob Steele MI-15

Don Volaric MI-12

John Kupiec MI-5

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