The American Dream - 1 Current and 4 Future Governors

I want to call attention to one current Governor and four future Governors who are why I have always been a proud American. These five people are prime examples of American Exceptionalism that is unlike any other nation. The videos below are from Americans whose families came from India, Mexico, and Canada. Just because their ancestors did not land on our shores off the Discovery or the MayFlower does not mean they do not have an equal opportunity to work hard and become successful as the Governor of a State. Between now and election day expect the four candidates to be smeared just as much as the current Governor was smeared in 2007. Trust the American people that they are not going to be swayed by this smear campaign any more than they were in 2007. We have no confidence in a party that has been in complete control, and have made matters worse for us to hold on to our jobs and to invest in the US. Most Americans really get it, and any attempts to distract them from what they know in their hearts are just going to fail.

Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana

Nikki Haley, the next Governor of South Carolina

Brian Sandoval, the next Governor of Nevada

Susana Martinez, the next Governor of New Mexico

Paul LePage, the next Governor of Maine

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