GOP House Candidates Need To Go On Offense Too

In the House elections there are a lot more GOP House candidates who have never been elected to an office before than the 11 GOP Senate candidates. They need some help to be able to win their very first election, especially in a district that has recently had a D representing them. They need even more help when they are fighting to win against an incumbent instead of winning an open seat. One way to help is for us to write pieces that are an attack on their opponent’s record. It is not slinging mud to remind the voters of all the votes and backroom deals an elected official has performed that make them unworthy of being re-elected.

So my list below of GOP House candidates is not intended to represent the very best GOP candidates or to represent the closest races in 2010. All that it represents are folks who have never been elected by the voters to an office whose winning will have a significant impact on the establishment politicians. There are certainly more incumbent Ds who also need to be attacked and defeated than the ones I list. The list includes 29 candidates, and so the football analogy doesn’t work too well. The best I can do with a football analogy is a photo of #29, Erick Dickerson Erick Dickerson


paulgosar  Dr Paul Gosar (R CD-1)     Ann Kirkpatrick (incumbent D)

Janet Contreras  Janet Contreras (R CD-4)     Ed Pastore (incumbent D)

jesse-kelly  Jesse Kelly (R CD-8)     Gabrielle Giffords (incumbent D)


bethannerankin  Beth Rankin (R CD-4     Mike Ross (incumbent D)


David-Harmer  David Harmer (R CD-11)     Jerry McNerney (incumbent D)

Andy Vidak  Andy Vidak (R CD-20)     Jim Costa (incumbent D)

John Colbert  John Colbert (R CD-29)     Adam Schiff (incumbent D)


southerland_profile  Steve Southerland (R CD-2)     Allen Boyd (incumbent D)

Florida congressional challenger Allen West  Allen West (R CD-22)     Ron Klein (incumbent D)


Ray McKinney  Ray McKinney (R CD-12)     John Barrow (incumbent D)

225px-BobbySchilling  Bobby Schilling (R CD-17)     Phil Hare (incumbent D)

Charles Lollar  Charles Lollar (R CD-5)     Steny Hoyer (incumbent D)

sean-bielat-interview-600x318  Sean Bielat (R CD-4)     Barney Frank (incumbent D)


Dan Benishek  Dr Dan Benishek (R CD-1)     Gary McDowell (D)

RobertSteele_17_for_bio  Dr Rob Steele (R CD-15)     John Dingell (incumbent D)

Mississippi Election  Bill Marcy (R CD-2)     Bennie Thompson (incumbent D)

North Carolina

Renee Ellmers  Renee Ellmers (R CD-2)     Bob Etheridge (incumbent D)


Rich Iott  Rich Iott (R CD-9)     Marcy Kaptur (incumbent D)

tom-ganley  Tom Ganley (R CD-13)     Betty Sutton (incumbent D)


kelly110  Mike Kelly (R CD-3)     Kathy Dahlkemper (incumbent D)

Keith Rothfus  Keith Rothfus (R CD-4)     Jason Altmire (incumbent D)


Scott DesJarlais  Dr Scott DesJarlais (R CD-4)     Lincoln Davis (incumbent D)


flores-300x300  Bill Flores (R CD-17)     Chet Edwards (incumbent D)

Quicocanseco  Quico Canseco (R CD-23)     Ciro Rodriguez (incumbent D)

donna-pic-21  Dr Donna Campbell (R CD-25)     Lloyd Doggett (incumbent D)

pastor-stephen-broden  Stephen Broden (R CD-30)     Eddie Bernice Johnson (incumbent D)

Rigell_Front Porch_2  Scott Rigell (R CD-2)     Glenn Nye (incumbent D)

Keith Fimian  Keith Fimian (R CD-11)     Gerry Connolly (incumbent D)


ribble_portrait  Reid Ribble (R CD-8)     Steve Kagen (incumbent D)