Let's Go On Offense with These 11 GOP Senate Candidates

Football season is here, and Mike gamecock DeVine can verify my wisdom about college…NFL not so much. What I do know is the team has got to go on offense, put their opponent on defense, and score points to be a winner. I believe this same strategy applies to political contests as well. I recently wrote this diary about 11 GOP candidates for US Senate who are truly the outsiders. They have no vote records to defend or actions as an elected official that they need to defend.

We need to help these 11 go on offense by writing attack columns against their opponents. At the RS gathering a speaker informed me of a term I had never heard before, Google juice. This is about getting enough negative information out on the internet that when a Google search on a person’s name is employed a lot of links to negatives about this person appear at the top in the first window. If you are running for office this is a bad thing for you. Then you have to spend time and money to make the negatives go down. When you are doing that then you are not having available time and money to go on offense attacking your opponent.

I hope you recommend my diary encouraging this strategy. I do not claim to be the first one to think of doing this. I had some conversations with folks like EPU, Aaron Gardner, and Ron Robinson that convince me that this is definitely going to happen. Already I have seen on RedState diaries that are attacking Lisa Murkowski. All I can ask for is more please. We need to attack the other 10 vile despicable Democrats in my list. Let’s win on November 2nd 2010. Let’s go on offense now!

Going On Offense

Alaska Joe Miller


California Carly Fiorina


Connecticut Linda McMahon


Delaware Christine O’Donnell


Kentucky Rand Paul


New York Jay Townsend


Oregon Jim Huffman


Utah Mike Lee


Vermont Len Britton


West Virginia John Raese


Wisconsin Ron Johnson


We Put Them On Defense

Alaska Lisa Murkowski


California Babs Boxer


Connecticut Richard Blumenthal


Delaware Chris Coons

Chris Coons

Kentucky Jack Conway

Jack Conway

New York Chuck Schumer


Oregon Ron Wyden

Ron Wyden

Utah Sam Granato

Sam Granato

Vermont Pat Leahy

Pat Leahy

West Virginia Joe Manchin


Wisconsin Russ Feingold

Russ Feingold