What Do These GOP Senate Candidates Have In Common?

Alaska Joe Miller


California Carly Fiorina


Connecticut Linda McMahon


Delaware Christine O’Donnell


Kentucky Rand Paul


New York Jay Townsend


Oregon Jim Huffman


Utah Mike Lee


Vermont Len Britton


West Virginia John Raese


Wisconsin Ron Johnson


Do these folks have a common ideology? No, not really. This diary is not about the navel gazing aspects of just who are the true conservatives. No matter whose navel is being gazed at eventually lint will be discovered.

Do these folks all share in common picking off a seat in the Senate currently occupied by a D? No. Some on this list are running for a seat currently occupied by an incumbent R.

What all these folks share in common is none of them come from the traditional pool. The traditional pool consists of folks who have previously been elected to the US House or elected as a Mayor, District Attorney, or state rep. somewhere. When these folks won their election the voters were saying NO to Pres. Obama’s suggestion that votes for Republicans are just votes to return to a Congress that was voted out of power four years ago. The voters want some new people elected to the US Senate who have NO ties to the Bill Frist led Senate or Dennis Hastert led House. The Congress these voters want to see is the one that existed in the late ’90’s with Ohio Rep. John Kasich chairing the House Budget Committee, and Delaware Sen. Bill Roth chairing the Senate Finance Committee. That was a period when spending by the Congress was kept in check, and we had annual federal budget surpluses instead of deficits.

Now since these folks do not have a record of votes to defend their personal character will be attacked, and they will be defined as too radical for the office. Of course mud slinging attacks of this nature will also be waged against the other GOP candidates too. Do not let the mud slinging get you discouraged. Turn the attack of being radical against them by reminding everyone that yes, thank you, our nation is founded on a radical idea of equal opportunity for all. The children of immigrants know all too well that in the rest of the world you are limited in what opportunities you have just on what family gives you birth. In other parts of the world it also matters a lot if you are a male or a female. Everyone should be proud of our country and the original documents, Declaration of Independence and US Constitution, that make us radically different from other nations. In America if you have experienced the agony of defeat, then you still have an equal opportunity to compete for a future success.

I am not intending to disparage any of the other Senate candidates like John McCain, Chuck Grassley, Johnny Isakson, Mark Kirk, and Jerry Moran by not displaying their photos. There is nothing wrong with getting elected for US Senate after first being elected to the US House. That pool to select a candidate is not bad, but I would not want it to be the only pool to select a candidate from.

I’m not sure where we got to the point where numbers matter more than principles. We HAD the numbers and lacked principle, and look where we are.

Sen. Jim DeMint

I also am not intending to argue numbers vs principles. For me it is a both/and instead of an either/or strategy that is called for. We need to hang together or we will hang separately between now and November 3rd to get all the Republicans elected that we can get. We need to come to the aid of all our candidate, and help them define who they are instead of allow the opposition to define them. On Nov. 3rd we should know what the numbers are, and then we pivot toward getting the principles part right.