Don't Be Complacent. Get Your Liberty On

Labor Day is traditionally when the regular folks start to become interested in the upcoming elections. The larger than usual turnout in the GOP primaries makes me think this interest about the upcoming elections started earlier this year. We can’t get complacent and let the enthusiasm wane before November 2. There are no foregone conclusions, and nothing is really won or lost until after the votes are tallied on Nov. 2. We also have to do things in the right sequence. Before we work on changing the leadership of the GOP establishment Republican candidates need to win in the General Election. You are really putting a GOP candidate in an untenable spot when you demand of him to denounce the current GOP leadership. Please wait until December to talk about any of that stuff. The Democrat incumbents are going to fight to hold on to the reins of power, and they are going to try to project themselves as outstanding servants to their constituents. Do not allow them to lie about their voting records. Show people the grade each of them received from Liberty Central.

Liberty Central just completed a video contest, Get Your Liberty On, on Sept. 1. Below are the grand prize winner and runnerup. Below that is an awesome video by C&W duo, Tichenor Clark. So enjoy Labor Day, don’t be complacent, and get your liberty on.

Liberty Central grand prize winner was submitted by AJ Roach, of Pleasant Grove, Alabama:

Are you inspired yet? If not, check out this moving reflection from a veteran, and resident of Liberty Nebraska, Ralph Bodie.

One more video created by Jamie Teachenor and Ben Clark for a new song, Never Gonna Stand For This: