Let's Party Like It's 1894!

After the financial panic of 1893, in Grover Cleveland’s 1894 midterm, Democrats went from 218 to just 93 of 357 House seats. Between 1892 and 1894, Democrats lost 125 House seats, about 35 percent of the total. Can Obama’s 2010 midterm be comparable? RCP has 111 D seats being contested and 16 R seats being contested in 2010. This means the GOP needs to be looking at 14 to 30 more seats than RCP is looking at. Let me offer up some more D seats that just might not be as safe as the “experts” believe them to be. I have managed to come up with 19 additional seats that are not in my opinion all that safe.

The major problem the candidates are going to have of the 19 that I have listed is having enough money to buy the radio and TV ads they will need to promote their candidacy. This is a special midterm election that is a national referendum instead of all local concerns. We just need to expand our optimism about what is possible. To paraphrase eburke In this election cycle there is no such thing as a quioxtic quest for conservatives. Let’s not wake up on November 3rd and and bemoan a lost oppoprtunity. Let’s man the barricades and help get them over the top.

AL-7(open) Don Chamberlain Don Chamberlain

CA-10 Gary Clift gary-clift
CA-23 Tom Watson 031710-TomWatson-175
CA-29 John Colbert John Colbert
CA-32 Ed Schmerling Ed Schmerling
CA-39 Larry Andre Larry Andre
CA-43 Scott Folkens Scottfolkens

CO-2 Stephen Bailey Stephen Bailey

MI-5 John Kupiec John-Kupiec

MN-7 Lee Byberg Byberg

MS-2 Bill Marcy Bill Marcy

NV-1 Kenneth Wegner ken-wegner

New Jersey
NJ-6 Anna Little Anna_Little_copy

North Carolina
NC-4 BJ Lawson BJ Lawson
NC-13 Bill Randall Bill Randall

OH-10 Peter Corrigan Peter Corrigan

PA-4 Keith Rothfus Keith Rothfus

TX-15 Eddie Zamora eddie-zamora
TX-27 Blake Farenthold Farenthold

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