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Buddhist Meditation Temple                           St. John Cathedral
Buddhist Meditation Temple  cathedral-church-of-st-john-the-divine-1047-amsterdam-avenue-nyc-manhattan-new-york-city-usa-dscn8585

Staten Island Hindu Temple                            Temple Emanue-El
SIHinduTemple_Image  Jewish synagogue

Masjid Malcolm Shabazz Mosque
Masjid Manhattan mosque

New York City Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama have really messed up and created turmoil where it is not needed when they talk about a constitutional freedom of religion right. Why start their statements with something that is not questioned? What statists like Bloomberg and Obama are completely clueless about is popular sovereignty. This issue was never about whether residents in the US have a constitutional right, freedom of religion. They do. The issue is whether the majority of local concerned citizens have a right to decide what types of buildings and structures are permitted to be built at what location. A majority of New Yorkers do not want a huge mosque to be built in the financial district near where the World Trade Center once stood. It can be built in another location with the consent of the governed.

The pictures are of religious structures that have been built in New York. Nobody is calling for these buildings to come down. None of these building are located in New York City’s financial district. Obama just made matters worse the day after he said they had a right to build. On Saturday when reporters questioned him he said that he had nothing to say about whether they should build. Why does he have nothing to say? Why do his and Hilary’s speeches now have the line freedom of worship instead of freedom of religion? I think anybody has a right to practice their religion, and this practicing includes erecting buildings. I also think a local community has a right to have guidelines and laws on where particular types of buildings are going to be erected. I don’t see any pork BBQ pit eateries and gay bars getting built beside a mosque. I also don’t see gambling casinos and adult bookstores getting built beside an elementary school. I guess common sense and statism just don’t go hand in hand.

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