Joe Walsh Can Defeat Melissa Bean

Joe Walsh  Melissa Bean

I smell fear in Rep. Bean. This US House District 8 is the northwest suburbs of Chicago, and Charlie Cook is still calling this a likely D outcome, but she certainly does not act like it. The contest is a 3-way race between her, Republican Joe Walsh, and Green Bill Scheurer. Here is a recent article, 8th Congressional hopefuls spar over health care. An excerpt:

Walsh supports a complete repeal and replacement of the health care plan, but said this would realistically require both a Republican majority in one of the legislative chambers as well as Republican control of the White House to prevent a presidential veto.

Scheurer, as a third-party candidate, said Congress doesn’t need a party majority to fix the problems but just a few rational voices – like the child in the story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

But Bean strongly refutes the claims of her opponents as misinformation that’s she’s been kept busy trying to correct throughout the district.

Apparently Melissa Bean’s idea of correcting misinformation is to use a thug to intimidate anyone from asking any questions or making any comments that she does not approve. H/T Gateway Pundit Rep. Melissa Bean (D-IL) brought Bruno the Bone-Crusher with her to a town hall meeting this weekend to threaten constituents.

After watching the video I only have one little quibble with Gateway Pundit. The guy did not look like an Italian mobster named Bruno. He looked more like an Aryan Viking named Lars or Sven. If I would have been there I would have liked to be quick witted enough to say,

Ooh, you look so cute when you give me that butch look, girlfriend, but I’m too busy speaking to Melissa to bother with you.

I repeat, Joe Walsh can defeat Melissa Bean. If you can support him, then go to his website here

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