Women and Minorities Hit You the Hardest

The title of this diary is a paraphrasing of the phrase, women and minorities hardest hit. In this diary I am applauding women and minorities who have the courage and convictions to be on the November 2010 ballots as candidates for the US House in some of the most difficult districts for Republicans to run in. I hope all of them win, but in truth if any of them win it will be a sign that the Ds are having really really bad election results. Face it, a Republican candidate in any of these districts is only going to win if registered D voters like and relate enough as a person to vote for them in spite of the party label.

I usually just put a photo of people I write diaries about, but these people are so special that I put a short video up for each of them. They are living in Harlem, Chicago south side, Philly, suburbs just east of Washington, DC, St. Louis east side, Dallas, LA, Atlanta, Memphis, or Portland, OR. They don’t want to move, and they do not give a crap about what some Eyore poll addicts think about their chances of winning. They may not all be that slick and smooth as a politician, but they are not afraid to have conversations with people in their districts about how they feel about things. If you want to have a productive conversation with somebody sometimes you have to park the political labels at the door before you enter and talk about your thoughts instead of the focus-group based message some handlers tell you to use. I really hope you watch the Michel Faulkner vid below. He is the biggest underdog of them all in NY-15, and he speaks best from the heart with a passion about what he believes.

Michel Faulkner to replace Charlie Rangell NY-15

Isaac Hayes to replace Jesse Jackson Jr IL-2

Pia Varma to replace Scott Brady PA-1

Robert Broadus to replace Donna Edwards MD-4

Robyn Hamlin to replace Lacy Clay MO-1

Stephen Broden to replace Eddie Bernice Johnson TX-30

Star Parker to replace Laura Richardson CA-37

Liz Carter to replace Hank Johnson GA-4

Charlotte Bergmann to replace Steve Cohen TN-9

Delia Lopez to replace Earl Blumenauer OR-3

Mattie Fein to replace Jane Harman CA-36

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