Morning After Analysis of Aug 3rd Votes in MI-01 [UPDATE]

[Update] Now that my headache has faded I see another report from Traverse City Record Eagle. Allen announced victory in a statement released at 1:34 a.m. today, but now withdraws his claim of victory. Allen said he’ll wait for votes to be certified over the next three days to see if it changes the result. He can’t request a recount until the state Board of Canvassers meets on Aug. 23. This update does not add or subtract from my opinion. It just means that since every news outlet had reported Dr Dan Benishek leading with 100% of precincts reported someone convinced him that his “victory” statement was not a good thing to do.

I wish I had woke up this morning with a headache from celebrating a decisive victory by Dr Dan Beneshek, but unfortunately the winning margin is so small that today both Jason Allen and Dan Benishek are declaring victory. I went online to read some news articles, and I came across this one, Benishek or Allen?. In case you don’t have time to read it all, let me highlight some of it.

Unofficial race results posted by the Secretary of State’s office online reflect Benishek having carried all but two counties in the Upper Peninsula, while Allen carried a majority of the counties in Lower Michigan.

Throughout the Upper Peninsula, Benishek carried a commanding lead over Allen, having received 14,476 total votes to Allen’s 7,046.

In Delta County, Benishek won by a wide margin, having received 1,892 votes to Allen’s 568. It was much the same in Menominee County, where Benishek also led Allen by an unofficial total of 708 votes to 248 votes cast for Allen. In Schoolcraft County, the lead held by Benishek was smaller where he edged out his rival having received 541 votes to Allen’s 278.

In a prepared statement, Benishek said it was a major victory for grassroots conservatives across the 1st Congressional District.

It isn’t clear if either will request a re-count. State law allows for re-counts in congressional races as long as a candidate asks for one.

The eventual winner will face Democratic state Rep. Gary McDowell of Rudyard in November.

Here are some thoughts of mine which I welcome your response, if any, to them. This House seat in MI-01 did not have a contested primary on the D side. I think the state GOP and precinct committee men should pay very close attention to a fact like this when they produce the official primary ballot slate. If the other party has an uncontested primary for a seat, and you have six people contesting in your party, then you are asking for trouble. Do you remember Operation Chaos? This is the same thing. Each person needs to check his ego at the door when they go in to slate the official primary ballot. In some cases it just may not be possible to have an uncontested primary for the same seat the opposition has an uncontested primary, but I have no reason to believe this fact is under consideration.

In US House contests in MO-03, MO-07, and KS-04 the Republican winners had had no career as elected politician just like Dr Dan Benishek. The one important difference in each of these seats there was a contested primary for the other party. Like I have said it may not always be possible to match uncontested primary to uncontested primary, but I think it should be given serious consideration.

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