It's Tennessee's Turn Thursday, Aug. 5th [UPDATE]

UPDATE The winners in the Primaries for Governor, TN-04, TN-06, and TN-08


Bill Haslam for Governor


Scott DesJarlais for Congress

Diane Black for Congress

Diane Black for Congress


Stephen Fincher for Congress


Tomorrow night I am going to be watching the results of the GOP Primary contests for Governor, US House 04, 06, and 08. These are the contests that Real Clear Politics considers battleground races. All of the races are important. If we can elect some great candidates for all of the US House seats, then that is super.

What is still fresh on my mind is the MI-01 contested GOP primary that ended up too close to call it yet. The D running for this seat was not contested, and I am suspicious that some Ds crossed over to do an operation chaos in the GOP contest. Now I know that there are a lot of differences between Michigan wolverines and Tennessee volunteers, but could something like this happen in the contest for Governor and US House 04? In both of these seats the Ds have an uncontested primary candidate.

I also know it has been extremely hot in Tennessee lately, and it may difficult enough to get people to out to the polls to vote for someone they actually support let alone do an operation chaos. Let me know if I am in error to have concerns, and I will not be offended to be corrected. In addition to the races listed above, I may also pay attention to TN-05. RCP may consider it still a safe Dem seat with the historic record of this district being represented by a D for a long time, but I think it may be time for this district to elect an R for a change.

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