Hey Tom Davis. Stop Lying about New England

Hey Tom Davis! May I call you Tom? Stop lying about New England. I saw an article yesterday from the Boston Globe, GOP may miss chances in N.E., and the narrative they are pushing is that the GOP is only contesting 3 out of 22 of the US House seats in New England. They suggest the reason this is the case is because there are not enough elected mayors and legislators in New England. Tom Davis, president of the Republican Main Street Partnership, says

You have a weak party system on the Republican side up there. You have virtually no legislators or mayors. I mean, that’s where you build your bench.

About the only thing the article has right is that there are 22 US House seats in New England. I checked Green Papers, and found that at least one, and in some districts multiple, GOP candidates are contesting in 21 of these 22 districts. Just the top fundraising candidates alone have collected $5,337,725, and they call this missing an opportunity? Massachusetts 8th congressional district does not have a GOP candidate challenging the incumbent, Mike Capuano. Perhaps someone who is a lot more familiar than I am with Massachusetts can explain why there is no GOP candidate for this seat. Nonetheless, contesting 21 of 22 is a LOT more than 3 of 22.

Tom Davis is just wrong saying the elected local mayors and legislators is where you build your bench. I think I know why Tom says this after reading Angelo Codevilla's piece in the American Spectator, but the initial building blocks for any political bench are the precinct committeemen. Cold Warrior has been preaching for folks to become precinct committeemen longer and better than I am able. I do not speak for him, but I've read him enough to know that he will be grateful if anyone knowledgeable about becoming a precinct committeeman in one of these New England states will send him this information. He already has information about New Hampshire.

I have listed below the candidates for the 21 contested House seats. Maine is the only New England state that has already had their primary, and I support those two. The others listed are not who I support. They are just the ones who have raised the most money for their campaign. If you do not like who your state convention slates, then you have to become a precinct committeeman to do something about it. Writing blogs and holding up signs are not enough if you are dissatisfied. Now I am going to confess something here just so I don't feel like a hypocrite. I am not a precinct committeeman, but I am very satisfied with the precinct committeemen in my district. I live in Texas 11th congressional district, and the Cook Political Report lists this district as the third most Republican district in the country. Only Alabama 6th and Texas 13th are more Republican, and this is why your dissatisfaction is important in your decision to become a precinct committeeman.

ME-01 Dean ScontrasTot $152,320; Dsb $84,934
ME-02 Jason Levesque Tot $259,166; Dsb $189,074
CT-01 Ann Brickley Tot $73,681; Dsb $18,358
CT-02 Daria Novak Tot $49,730; Dsb $31,629
CT-03 Jerry Labriola Tot $100,674; Dsb $47,565
CT-04 Dan Debicella Tot $725,608; Dsb $221,485
CT-05 Sam Caligiuri Tot $548,538; Dsb $357,707
VT-AL John Mitchell Tot $14,500; Dsb $15,631
RI-01 John Loughlin Tot $448,299; Dsb $347,801
RI-02 Bill Clegg Tot $138,860; Dsb $27,144
NH-01 Sean Mahoney Tot $927,082; Dsb $485,804
NH-02 Charlie Bass Tot $480,626; Dsb $147,568
MA-01 Bill Gunn Tot $9,451; Dsb $6,605
MA-02 Jay Fleitman Tot $89,484; Dsb $73,583
MA-03 Brian Herr Tot $66,502; Dsb $43,154
MA-04 Sean Bielat Tot $179,479; Dsb $84,403
MA-05 Jon Golnik Tot $205,417; Dsb $92,603
MA-06 Bill Hudak Tot $487,987; Dsb $361,753
MA-07 Gerry Dembrowski Tot $11,792; Dsb $8,550
MA-09 Keith Lepor Tot $7,492; Dsb $2,916
MA-10 Jeff Perry Tot $361,037; Dsb $221,383

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