Tuesday 27 July 2010 polling hours 7:00a CDT to 7:00p CDT. If no candidate receives at least 50% of the vote in the primary, a runoff will be held between the top two vote-getters on Tuesday 24 August 2010. Currently the Oklahoma congressional delegation consists of 6 Rs and 1 D. I think after the November 2010 election it is possible to have Rs for the entire congressional delegation and a Republican Governor.

The current Governor of Oklahoma is a term-limited D, and Real Clear Politics list this open seat as a likely GOP. The four US House seats currently held by Rs are considered by RCP part of the 165 safe GOP seats. The one US House seat, OK-2, held by Dan Boren(D) is considered a likely Dem seat. This means that RCP thinks there is as much likelihood that Dan Boren will lose as there is that Jim Marshall GA-8 and John Barrow GA-12 will lose. The Governor and 2nd congressional seat are the contests that I am watching to see how the candidates pictured below fare. I am hoping they can win over 50% and avoid an August 24th runoff election.

Mary Fallin
Mary Fallin

Mary Fallin currently represents the 5th congressional district in the US House. She is running against three other candidates, and State Senator Randy Brogdon is the major opponent of those three. She has the longest resume of elected office experience, and this includes a stint as Lt. Governor of Oklahoma. I think she will govern as a conservative, and add to the number of
Republican Governors in the US.

Howard Houchen
Howard W. Houchen and George Will

Howard Houchen is running against 5 opponents for the US House seat in Oklahoma's 2nd congressional district. If he wins he will face Dan Boren who is considerably more politically well-known as the son of former US Senator Boren. Howard is a city councilman in Hugo, OK, and he owns and manages a family business, All American Garage Doors. I believe it will be an
uphill battle for Howard Houchen to win, but I like what I have read about him. I like the cut of his jib. Read what he told the Tulsa Beacon. Here is an excerpt:

Describing Boren as a “conservative Democrat” is a myth. His first vote every time is for Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She controls the agenda in the House. He will vote for her again – there’s no doubt about that. Boren voted for TARP. He voted for the bailout. He voted for “cash for clunkers.” He voted for the stimulus package. He voted to raise the debt limit.

This wasn’t just family and friends in Hugo, Oklahoma, or in Choctaw County. I was asked by citizens across this nation to seek this seat. This is about the restoration of the greatest nation that God has ever blessed. It’s bigger than us.

The time of increasing taxes to pay for government shortcomings due to out of control expansion and entitlements must end.

Breaking down the current barriers to domestic oil exploration, production and refining capacity is an immediate necessity. In conjunction with this domestic petroleum output program, the United States must pursue the most cost effective and efficient method of electrical energy production current technology provides – nuclear power. An energy dependent America is a vulnerable America and energy security is an Achilles Heel.

The No Child Left Behind Act needs to be left behind. Federal intervention will only hinder real and lasting progress. An objective look at recent history tells us that throwing more and more money at a nationalized education system does not translate into a better education for our nations children.

Since I am not a resident of Oklahoma I will only be able to watch the outcome as it unfolds Tuesday night. I welcome comments from Oklahomans as long as they aren't shilling for a third or Democratic party candidate. Every contest is important, but this coming Tuesday it's Oklahoma's turn to step up. I have a lot of confidence that Oklahoma will.

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