Southern conservatives show signs of color-blindness

Kyle Wingfield recently
wrote a column
in the Atlanta Journal Constitution with the
headline of this diary, and the fit hit the shan from the
comments he received from the left. I say if they start squealing
you must doing something right. Here is an excerpt:

Conventional wisdom holds that America’s
changing demographics, with whites expected to lose their
majority status nationally within a few decades, spell trouble
for the Republican Party. But while it’s true that
Republicans have relied heavily on white voters for the better
part of a half-century, we should also ask whether the
demographic trend is really as politically problematic for the
GOP as Democrats seem to think it is.
In other words, the meme that conservatives won’t vote for
minority candidates is crumbling this year. What we’re
seeing is that conservatives will vote candidates who share their
political values, regardless of heritage or skin color.
And the number of minorities running as conservatives is rising.
The Frederick Douglass Foundation, which champions conservative
stances on abortion and economics, reports that more African
Americans than ever are running for Congress as

I encourage you to read the entire article and the comments it
inspired. In addition to southern conservative the signs of color
blindness are showing in the midwestern states of Indiana and
Illinois, and the Pacific west state of California. So far there
are eight African Americans who are the official GOP candidates
for US House. There is a possibility of sixteen additional
African Americans becoming official GOP candidates for US House
after their primary election.

During the primary emotions can get heated, and charges can be
made about good ole white boys establishment…yada yada yada.
Afterward some folks need to be able walk back from some of these
charges that were disproved at the election when the voters
showed they will vote for candidates who share their political
values, regarless of heritage or skin color.

8 OFficial GOP Candidates for US House
Isaac Hayes
Isaac Hayes IL-02

Stephen Broden
Broden TX-30

Marvin Scott

Marvin Scott IN-07

Chuck Smith

Chuck Smith

Star Parker

Star Parker

Tim Scott

Tim Scott SC-03

Bill Randall

Bill Randall

Bill Marcy

Bill Marcy

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