Kentucky Tea Partiers Send Lady Liberty a Message This Tuesday

Weep no more my lady
Oh! weep no more today!
We will sing one song for the old Kentucky home,
For the Old Kentucky Home far away.

Tim Duncan wrote this article for Canada Free Press on May 12th,
is on the March
. I really enjoyed his analysis of
teapartiers, and encourage you to read the entire article. Here
is just a taste of what he had to say:

TEApublican rejects two things: Third partyism and
Republican establishment business as usual. TEApublicans oppose
the efforts by some in the conservative movement towards
splintering conservative efforts among a myriad of ineffective
and competing third parties—each one convinced that it, and
only it, is the One True Conservative Group, and that all others
are compromising RINOs. TEApublicans understand the simple fact
that conservative activism is best done through, or at least in
conjunction with, the conservative grassroots base of the
Republican Party; that conservatives both inside and outside the
GOP have the best shot at advancing conservatism if they work
together to counteract both the leftist agenda of the Democrats
as well as that of the squishy establishment types within the
GOP. Therefore, TEApublicans are not asking conservative and
independent voters to blindly follow the GOP in everything it
does—they are asking these voters for help in
disestablishing the RINOs from power, and restoring the GOP to
being a useful, national vehicle for the advancement of
conservative principles. As such, TEApublicans also oppose the
“business as usual” mentality that pervades much of
the Republican Party’s governing apparatus at the national
and state levels—the party hacks who prefer the perks of
position, the adulation of the media, the pats on the head from
Democrats with whom they’ve “formed bipartisan
solutions” after having “reached across the
aisle,” over standing firm for conservative values and

The article gave examples of teapublicans in action in the states
of Maine, Utah, and Kentucky, and the Utah example is where he
touches on liberty.

Why was Bennett dethroned? True, he did have a number
of bad votes and issues that he had supported on his balance
sheet. He voted for TARP. He supported unconstitutional insurance
mandates that require us to have to buy health insurance or else
face sanction from the government. However, even despite these,
Bennett had simply been in too long and gotten too drunk on
the mead of power and privilege. He had become entrenched, soft,
too willing to reach across the aisle to find
“bipartisan” resolutions to the things that the
Democrats had defined as “problems” that merely
served to continue the advance of socialism and the loss of our
liberties, even if it was at a slightly slower pace than the
Democrats would prefer

Rand Paul
Now on Tuesday May 18th the voters are going to choose between
the candidate of choice for the GOP Establishment politicians in
Washington DC, Trey Grayson, or the candidate of choice for the
TEApublicans in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Rand Paul. The
differences between Trey Grayson are not many, but they are very
telling. When you break down the demographics of polling among
voters in Kentucky, Rand Paul has a lead over Trey Grayson among
gunowners, prolifers, and fiscal conservatives. Trey Grayson has
a lead over Rand Paul among prochoicers. Rand Paul would do away
with budgetary earmarks, and Trey Grayson would reform the
process but not eliminate them. Trey Grayson has publicly stated
that he will support Mitch McConnell's reelection as
Republican floor leader, and Rand Paul has not publicly stated
who he will support. Rand Paul views the office of US Senator as
a limited term tour of duty, and Trey Grayson sees the office of
US Senator as a lifetime career.

If you want to continue along the path paved in recent years by
former President George W. Bush, Cheney and McConnell, Trey
Grayson is your man. He's the known quantity. He has that
record of service voters can evaluate. He is likeable and

If you want to alter the party's course, vote for Rand Paul.
As something of a political outsider, Paul is perhaps not the
instinctively safe choice for Republicans. He's smart,
refreshingly candid and obviously sincere in his

The results Tuesday night are going to tell us more about what
the voters of Kentucky want. They may, as was the case in
neighboring West Virginia, also reflect the mood of Kentucky
Democrats. Right now the polls indicate that Dan Mongiardo is
leading Jack Conway, the darling favorite of MoveOn. Right now
the Kentucky congressional delegation consists of five Rs and two
Ds. I am actually optimistic that the liberty loving voters in
Kentucky will have seven Rs and zero Ds in their congressional
delegation after this November election.