How RedState Got Her Groove Back

Lately I sense a feeling of malaise and surliness when I visit RedState. The signing of the health care bill sucks, and a feeling of hopelessness and defeat start to to take hold. Here is what I think can happen that can change this atmosphere – we can continue to win special elections. There are FIVE, count ’em FIVE, special elections for US House seats between now and the general election in November. We need to pay attention to these elections. We need to promote and support the Republican candidate with front page columns that describe the significance of winning immediately after the leaders in our nation’s capitol told us that they know what is best, and what we think does not matter.

Remember how great everyone was feeling right after Scott Brown was elected to the US Senate? All those good feelings left immediately after the health care bill was signed. It’s just like the horse bucked and knocked you off the saddle onto the ground. We have got to get off the ground, dust ourselves off and get back on the horse.

Some might tell me that I ought to write about those special elections instead of whining because others don’t do it. I have written about one, but I don’t think it was that well written. We have some great writers for the front page of RedState, and I don’t know how much time it takes them to pound out those great columns. I hope they are not offended by my pleas for them to write about the special elections.

Let me remind everyone of the election calendar of US House special elections.
Florida 19, April 13
Georgia 9, May 11
Pennsylvania 12, May 18
Hawaii 1, May 22
New York 29, who knows when?