Hey Kid, Join me. I’ve got goodies for ya

Every parent knows the nightmare of worrying about a predator luring their child by offering them goodies. These predators can’t just say I want to control you and have my way with you, so they offer up goodies to lure the child. I think the same techniques is used on a grander scale by would-be tyrants on citizens. I think this is analogous to comprehensive health care and cap and trade legislation coming down the pike.

The goodies that have been promised since FDR to the present include:

The right to a useful and remunerative job
The right of every family to a decent home;
The right to adequate medical care
The right to a good education.

These so-called “rights” are just false promises of utopianism that are used to lure people into giving up their liberty, giving up their faith in God, giving up their guns, and giving up their guts in the face of the alarmists’ fear mongering.

Since FDR’s time some new false promises have arisen. Now we have the false promise that just like adjusting the thermostat on your home, (which is doable in states like CA), they can adjust the thermostat of the earth. In exchange for doing this all they ask is that you give up your liberty.

Another false promise since FDR’s time is the promise that you can have sex and never suffer any unwanted pregnancy. This certainly is NOT Utopia for some of us, but this promise of having tax payers fund abortions is very exciting promise for those on the left. Our nation suffers greatly from the disillusioned who buy into all of the false utopian promises that are tyranny in disguise.

Christmas season should be a season of joy, but some of the things I read or hear from folks like Sean Hannity and Lindsey Graham make me sad. It is not conservative to accept the premise that everyone has a right to adequate medical care. This is like suggesting the predator luring the child into his car needs to be driving a different car and wearing different clothes. Sometimes the reason there is no alternative offered is because the basic premise is false.

Health insurance is a risk-based industry that is a third-party payer of medical expenses. If risk is completely removed, then you have a different kind of industry. You have a third-party payer that is a highly regulated utility company payer of medical expenses.

We need to have political leaders, educators, and media establishments that promote the ideal of securing the blessings of liberty instead of promoting false promises of a Utopia.

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