2010 US Senate Freshman Class

In 2010 there are currently 37 seats in the US Senate that are going to be filled. Eight of these seats open and the other 29 have an incumbent running for reelection. I think that the GOP has a good shot at picking up all five of those eight open seats held by the GOP and picking up two of those three seats that are held by Democratic Party. I would hope that the GOP can keep all of the seats the incumbent GOP have an incumbent running for reelection and defeat nine incumbent Democrats running for reelection. If that hope becomes reality, then there will be 51 GOP Senators, 47 Democrat Senators, and two independents who caucus with the Democrats. Ten months ago I could not have imagined this to be a possibility. A lot of good things are going to have to happen, but I really believe it can be done.

Let’s break it down seat by seat, shall we.

The three open seats that are now held by the Democrats are Delaware, Illinois, and Massachusetts. The GOP can capture the Delaware and Illinois seat, and the lady from Massachusetts can be the sole Democrat in the new freshman class.

The five open seats that are now held by the GOP are Florida, Kansas, Missouri, New Hampshire, and Ohio. The GOP can keep these seats.

The really tough part will be defeating nine incumbent Democrats. The five of these nine that I think should be the least difficult are Arkansas, Nevada, North Dakota, Colorado, and Pennsylvania. The people who live in these states are willing to vote for the GOP if the time and effort are put into GOTV.

That leaves four states that will be more difficult to win, but it is still doable. The states I have in mind are Connecticutt, New York, Washington, and Wisconsin.

If the GOP can recruit Rudy Giuliani to run against Kirsten Gillibrand we can pick up New York. Rob Simmons can defeat Chris Dodd, but I think it will be a closer election than what the polls look like now to pick up Conneticutt. I think Clint Didier who played for the Redskins can defeat Patty Murray. I think that Russ Feingold who refuses PAC money can be defeated by Terrence Wall.

This is my dream freshman class of 17 new GOP members to the US Senate and 1 new Democrat. So now I will wait for incoming attacks by mobys and trolls knowing that Neil and Moe are capable of dealing with them. I realize that some may have another individual to win in a GOP Primary than I picked, and it is not my intent to argue with you about that primary. I want and I hope you want a GOP candidate to win the General Election.