I Am The Banking Queen

Sung to Dancing Queen by Abba

Banking Queen




You can build.

You can buy.

Any house your heart desires.

Oo zero down.


I am the banking queen.

first verse

Friday night and your cash is low.

I know a place that you can go.

Oh, get your house and use it.

Go ahead abuse it.

You can do anything.

Go out and have a fling.

I am the banking queen.

Old and sweet didn’t do a thing.

Banking queen.

Don’t complain or you’ll hear me scream oh yeah.

repeat chorus

second verse

Told the bankers hey you guys.

Make the loans or it’s your behind.

My friends at Fannie sure need it.

Do it my way or beat it

Why are the stocks crashing?

That doesn’t mean a thing.

I’m still the banking queen.

Never spanked for a single thing.

Banking queen.

Don’t complain or you’ll hear me scream oh yeah.

repeat chorus fade out

Paul Shanklin wrote these lyrics as a parody song about Rep. Barney Frank, but an article by Michelle Malkin reveals how Barney is in for some strong competition from Rep. Maxine Waters. an excerpt from her article:

At a flail-and-wail House hearing last month, California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters melted down in front of big banking CEOs. “Raise your hand! Raise your hand!” she shrieked as she harangued the executives on their business practices and management of federal bailout money. Sneering at the “captains of the universe,” whom she refused to address by name (“You, Bank of America!”), Waters excoriated the corporate heads for their greed.

Fast-forward a month later. The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that the high-and-mighty Waters had a personal and financial stake in Boston-based OneUnited, a minority bank that received $12 million in TARP money under smelly circumstances. The banks’ executives donated $12,500 to her congressional campaigns. Her husband, Sidney Williams, was an investor in one of the banks that merged into OneUnited.

Waters (along with Frank) participated directly in pressuring the feds for OneUnited’s piece of the bailout pie. She personally contacted the Treasury Department last December requesting $50 million for the company — and failed to disclose her ties to the bank to them. The government ended up coughing up $12 million in TARP funding for OneUnited — despite another government agency rapping the bank in October 2008 for “operating without effective underwriting standards and practices,” “operating without an effective loan documentation program” and “engaging in speculative investment practices.”

Oh, and get this: The favored bank of Maxine Waters was also penalized for alleged excessive executive compensation. The FDIC ordered the bank to “sell all bank-owned automobiles,” require reimbursement for executives’ car purchases (according to the Boston Business Journal, OneUnited CEO Kevin Cohee was cruising around in a 2008 Porsche SUV), and cease payments on a $6 million Santa Monica beachfront home purchased by Cohee, his wife, Teri Williams, who served as bank president, and others.

Responding to scrutiny of the bank’s special treatment, Cohee is now accusing critics of — yep, you guessed it — racism.

Now, who is sick of Democratic shakedown artists sanctimoniously lecturing others about the culture of corruption? Raise your hand! Raise your hand!

I raise my hand, and I have a question for elected Republican and conservative members of Congress. When are you going to start attacking these vile people in the House the way it was done in the early 1990’s? Are you so cowed and timid that you have to leave it up to Michelle Malkin, Mark Levin, or Rush Limbaugh to attack these folks? Come on, grow a spine and show some leadership. My grandchildrens’ future depends on it.