Obama, Ronald McDonald and other Clowns

What is all the hubbub about a guy wearing an Obama mask anyway? People have been dressing up to look like fools throughout history and what makes today any different? Perhaps if he dressed up like Ronald McDonald, and wore a white face, things would have been different. Perhaps the bull would have bowed to the corporate giant symbolism and said, “Make me a BigMac!” I think not. The bull is a bull and BS is still BS!

So lets look at some facts. Everyone knew this was not Barry Obama in the clown suit. He needs no clown suit! This guy, the clown, is up early in the morning to do a job and he does it well apparently. A film crew does not honor him for taking a beer with the little people. He works hard at looking like a fool, when Mr. O has to be coached in his every move so he does not look like one!

This clown… well, he has got a skill. He takes risks and accepts the consequences and does not hide behind handlers and a teleprompter. If he gets a little bloodied, he sees it as part of the job. He gets back up and does it again and again. He makes no excuses. He is even popular… He does not have to lie about who he is and what he does for a living.

Furthermore, he seems to know how the free market works and he gets his pay from a job well done. Perhaps in different towns he dresses differently, kind of like how Mr. Obama gets his ‘urban’ tone when he talks to Acorn and union members! I would say that they have something in common, but that would be deriding to honest clowns everywhere.

I am sure that the clown can go on vacation for less than 100 million dollars and he does not take the money from the taxpayer to get him there!

Hell, can we move this guy into the White House? He seems to have a better skill set than the current President! He has drive, tenacity and he even appears to enjoy his work. Putin, I am sorry… Vladimir to his friends, might even give him some respect.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather laugh with the President clown, than cry over the clown President!!!

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