The costs of Socialism

What happens to weak nations? Stronger ones eat them!

We simply cannot afford socialism and neither can the rest of the world. What will the world’s nations do, now that we have adopted the posture that they have enjoyed due to our subsidy?

This is not intentioned to deride our allies. It is a perspective about where the nations of the world have found the resources to fund socialist projects. It would appear, when looking over the pie chart of national spending, that huge social welfare projects cannot coexist in a country that devotes large sums to national sovereignty. The military!

The military has got to go!

If you look at European quasi-socialist nations, do they spend the amount we do on military expenditures? No! The Democrats regularly point this out in debate. This is the reason that they have thus far been able to afford their social welfare systems. They rely on the backstop of US might as their ally to support them militarily. Well, guess what neighbor, that backstop is corroded. Corroded with the same diseased corruption that has destroyed your country’s strength, and foreign military aid is now on the chopping block. As a prime example, look at Israel. Can she depend on us now? The mentally weak in our country want the same handouts as the entitled and lazy get in your country. Soon, very soon now, you are soon going to have to defend yourselves!

As a US taxpayer I have paid for your socialism! By understanding what it has historically meant for the US to be sovereign, to defend her nature and her allies, you have disarmed yourselves and put your trust in our might. You have used us as your national defense plan. Bad move my friends! The US majority now wants these programs too, and defending neighbors is going to be one of the first things to go. Look at BO’s model for a high-tech military. Cut it, cut it again, cut it some more. We have boats that go underwater now. I hope that makes you feel better.

One more point. The last time we were laden down with a depression, a far left President and a weak military all at the same time, we were attacked by the Japanese. Ever factor that into your social welfare model? The fact that we are growing mentally soft, makes us a target. The further fact that we are growing militarily soft, makes it a certainty.

We don’t live in a Petri dish. We live in a dynamic world, a world where the political cards are not only printed with the lies of a centralized government propaganda machine, the dying process here is called “the free press.” But our tyrannical neighbors don’t just play the propaganda game, these guys play with guns. Some of these people even think that in killing the Great Satan, that is you and me folks, they will get into heaven faster. These wonderful people are about to get nukes!

While capitalism is tattooed by the left as a belief system mired in greed, what is tyranny but another system that works within the same boundaries of human characteristics, including greed. What is tyranny if it is not a monopoly? A monopoly based on greed. Not only greed of money, but greed of power, greed of liberty, greed of independent thought and action.

We are in for a bumpy road my friends. The boundaries of our Constitution have been eroded away. We learned that over the past four years. We now live in a democracy, where the greed of the masses is more powerful than the law. We now live amongst our world neighbors, corrupted before us with the same disease. Some of these countries are now experiencing the perils of their decades of socialist folly and decline. We can’t help them. A powerful neighbor might lend a hand. Sometimes that, “hand” comes with an army of hands. Those hands are carrying guns. Guns, and the hearts filled with the desire of tyranny.

It is the best organized that wins when these systems break down. Do you have a playbook for the destruction of society? I don’t.

Guess what! The left does! It is not freedom based, not based on individual liberty and personal achievement. It is based in the belief of Marx that people are stupid, warlike and need to be controlled. We voted collectively on November 6th and proved that Marx was right at least with one point. We are stupid!