Reince Priebus... send a check to Bachmann!

Yesterday while listening to talk radio, I heard a segment on the cash that is sitting in the vaults of the Republican Party. I have also heard that the party has given little or none of their ‘stash’ to the Michele Bachmann campaign.

I don’t think I have to ask why! Bachmann is firecracker! I wish she was going to be our next President, but can’t fathom a Congress without her leadership. When it comes to conservative causes, this woman is first through the door, the window, the skylight! She is a dedicated hero of the Teaparty movement.

Perhaps you did not know that she and her husband once worked on the Carter campaign. This is not a negative. How many of you have known an immigrant who escaped tyranny to find home in the US, an ex smoker that now can’t even stand a whiff of cigarette smoke? These expatriated liberals, people like David Horowitz, are often the most zealous amongst us when it comes to saving the liberty that many of us take for granted.

Michele Bachmann is such a person.

I don’t live in her state. I wish she represented me in mine, but living in the land of Fruits and Nuts, has its disadvantages. We have some of the worst government in the country… Our governor is asking us to vote for a tax increase. Can you believe it? The idiots in my state will likely vote it in too! Tell you what, I will trade Waters, Waxman, Pelosi, Boxer and Feinstein for one Michele Bachmann! But that is not why I am writing today. I am writing to tell you all, that a Congress without Bachmann will be a loss for all of us, except the Left.

Please contact Reince Preiebus and tell the little man it is about time he gets behind Bachmann and open the purse strings to her. If it were not for the leadership of her and people like Jim Demint the Republican Party would little more than a centrist arm of the Democratic Party!

Bachmann is one of the true government leaders of the Conservative movement in the country today. Please help her out!