The Magic Bus!

Listening to my many right wing pundit friends I am reminded that regardless of the accuracy of their criticisms of President Obama they often miss the pragmatism of the moment. The fact is, that the longer that Mr. O drives around in his grenade proof million dollar imitation of public transportation, the longer he spends in Martha’s Vineyard, jet setting around deriding his own country, bowing to or shaking the hands of tyrannical dictators; while demoralizing here at home, empowering the enemies of the States… he is not behind a desk promoting and spreading socialist laws here on the home front.

I say let them eat cake… or burgers, burgers with foie gras… Kobe beef… anything to get the destructive forces of socialism sidelined and out of the oval office! A billion dollar trip around the world with the entire Democratic party in tow, add it to the debt and send me the bill, just get ’em out of DC!