Out Of Work? Become An Unexpected Activist

Yesterday, the NY Times continued its’ attack upon any and all attached in some way to the Tea Party movements; this time those who are unemployed and having the gall to accept unemployment or other low income subsidies.

When Tom Grimes lost his job as a financial consultant 15 months ago, he called his congressman, a Democrat, for help getting government health care.


Though, as Michael Kazin, the author of “The Populist Persuasion,” notes, they tended to push for more government involvement. The Tea Party vehemently wants less — though a number of its members acknowledge that they are relying on government programs for help . [emphasis mine]

Here’s where the NY Times, and really all leftists get it wrong, the safety nets of unemployment, food stamps etc. are not wanted but taken as a final option which has disrupted the employability of otherwise qualified people. I know this because I too, a Conservative, have “been on the welfare” for the last 7 months after exhausting my savings. I tried my best to not get here[1], but unfortunately, with the anti-business rhetoric emanating from Washington, forcing small business owners to avoid creating new jobs till they understand what all the changes will cost them .

Moreover, with this new found free-time, we who have been so busy being productive and adding to the tax revenues (which are still declining ) are able to expand the right of center view point most of America holds. Doing so will produce a legislative result in 2010 clearing away the Democrat choke-hold over the nation. That is why those of us who have never protested, been activists or be involved in much political activity previously can ensure America will not fall again to the socialism of the left.

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[1] Erick Erickson is 100% correct by the way in saying the extension of unemployment is a disincentive to working. I, myself have given up looking for a job here in Arizona and just collect my $265/week till I move to Denver.