Al Sharpton, ACORN & Other Race Baiters Call For Sheriff Arpaio To Quit Arresting Illegal Immigrants [updated]

This is a breaking news item and I will update as more info comes available.

[update 2:15 PM (4/8)] Arpaio interview with Neil Cavuto.

[update 4:30PM PDT] Local talk radio station KTAR has an interview with Sheriff Joe.

Arpaio told KTAR Sharpton is not the first to try and stop him.

“Because what they read in the newspapers, that’s enough to get me investigated, that’s enough for the mayor to call me and my officers racist,” he said. “And, now this guy is repeating the same garbage and terminology.”
“You’ve got this small group of people trying to intimidate me, asking me to resign, which is ridiculous, I’ll never resign, so if they want to come down here, be my guest,” he said.

—-Still trying to get audio.

[update 2:00PM PDT] Reuters has chimed in and added this gem:

“Arpaio needs to be confronted, he needs to be removed. … We also need to suspend the law that he is using. We must stand with our brown brothers and sisters,” Sharpton said.

Seriously Al, “our brown brothers and sisters”. Could you be any more of an ass?

Via Phoenix New Times (Yes Neil, I will get better sources as they are available)

This morning there was a national conference call this morning, featuring the Rev. Al Sharpton of the National Action Network, ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis, Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox, Pablo Alvarado of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, Rev. William Barber of the North Carolina NAACP, and other civil rights leaders from around the country.

There is audio I am trying to get now of the classic Sharpton calling for repercussions for Sheriff Arpaio if he is to continue his illegal immigration sweeps and arrests of illegals.

The speakers called for Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s removal or resignation, the stripping of his 287(g) authority by the Department of Homeland Security, his continued investigation by the feds, and, ultimately, an end to the 287(g) program. Both Sharpton and Lewis promised to participate in future actions in Maricopa County to oppose Arpaio, and Sharpton stressed the importance of Arizona as a battleground for civil rights. They labeled Arpaio a 21st Century Bull Connor, and insisted he must be stopped.

Of course how many people really recall Bull Connor at this point? And really, whether you agree or disagree with what he did that fateful spring day in 1963 he was, ultimately enforcing the laws on the books at that time. Sheriff Joe, love him or hate him (I am in the latter but that is because of his performance overall in the county) is ultimately enforcing the laws of the United States as commissioned to do so by the federal government under the 287(g) program.

“We must stop Arpaio to stop the spread of racial profiling,” said Sharpton. “It is imperative on the African-American community to stand with the Latino community, the Latino community to stand with the Asian community. This is a human rights issue. You cannot have human rights for some and not for all. We must stand with our brown brothers and sisters…this is a national outrage.”

Is it racial profiling to go to the areas where illegals frequent? Would you stop every airline pilot at Sky Harbor just to see if they were a citizen or go to the local Home Depot parking lot where 30+ Hispanics were milling about, few speaking english and rushing every patron who drives up for a day job?

Arpaio and the MCSO are actively enforcing laws which ALL police departments in the city are doing. And really, the cities outpace arresting illegals far beyond what the MCSO does every month. The only difference is that Arpaio is a media whore who will call a press conference to announce his intentions to take a daily constitutional. And while I may not agree with him or his methods, he is still the duly elected sheriff being targeted by people outside Arizona for reasons that are nefarious and intended to not solve the problem.