Antarctica Cruises To Be Limited By Obama

I’ve never been a "cruise person". Personally, I don’t get being stranded on a vessel at sea with a bunch of drunk people. Nor would I want to cruise to a place where the average summer temperature range is 20° to 50° Fahrenheit. It’s just not my thing, but it may be yours.

Enter Obama and the spreading of misery to all. You want an SUV, no; you want less regulation, no; you want to go to Antarctica, NO!!

Via FoxNews

The Obama administration is pushing to protect Antarctica’s fragile environment by imposing mandatory limits on the size of cruise ships sailing there and the number of passengers they bring ashore.

At a conference set to begin Monday in Baltimore, U.S. diplomats will propose amending the 50-year-old Antarctic Treaty. The move would seek to mandate, under international law, the current voluntary restrictions on tourism.

A U.S. document provided to The Associated Press by the State Department says the plan would "minimize the likelihood of marine oil spills" in the Antarctic and "ensure that tourism is conducted in a safe and environmentally responsible manner."

According to the Cool Antarctica website the cost for an Antarctica cruise ranges from "US$5,000 for a place in a twin cabinplus the cost of air fares and other sundry costs to and from your point of embarkation to US30,000. Certainly a longer trip will cost more.

I called a tour operator Expedition Trips to see what they thought of the potential outcome of this and they said "people will still go, it will just cost more". 

And there you have it, Obama is spreading misery to a class of people (Tourists) because another class (Environmentalists) are in his back pocket. This is not the America I believe in.