A Movie About Military Women: In Combat

How did a group of female support soldiers-mechanics, supply clerks and engineers-end up fighting alongside the Marines in some of the bloodiest counterinsurgency battles of the Iraq war?

Find out in Lioness, a film about female combat veterans.

Regardless of your position on women allowed/not allowed to serve in combat positions, the fact is that a wartime environment is fluid and can and does change by the minute. Gone are the days where spectators would come out to watch the brightly festooned soldiers line up and slug it out for the day. No, today a female soldier who is a tank mechanic, a clerk or radio operator may just be firing rounds back, fighting for their own survival alongside their buddies no different than any other front line troops.

Harbor no disillusion, the filmmakers are good liberals and while I have not yet viewed this movie it can be expected to have certain leftist underpinnings. However, I believe that the policy of allowing women in or excluding them altogether from even being in a combat situation needs to be addressed and resolved.

Women in uniform and have proven themselves competent to perform the same tasks deserve the same recognition as their male counterparts.