Phoenix: Come For The Weather, Stay For The Kidnapping

Phoenix is a big city. A really big city. The entire metropolitan area is about 9000 sq. mi., and the city with it’s typical communities spanning poverty to stupendous wealth is a microcosm of life. Like all Southwest cities we have a large Hispanic population, both legal and illegal who are just average folks making their way through life. And we are 173 miles from Mexico.

What you may not know is that Phoenix is second only to Mexico City in kidnappings.

There were 368 reported kidnappings for ransom here last year…[In Mexico] where kidnapping is such a long-established industry that the wealthy sometimes buy kidnap insurance. It is difficult to know how many kidnappings occurred there or here: Many are not reported because it can be dangerous to do so. And because they are settled before there is time to report them. Receiving a finger severed from the kidnap victim often speeds ransom transactions in Mexico. Not here yet.

In any case, law-abiding citizens here are rarely at risk. Most of the kidnappings are drug smugglers and human traffickers preying on one another.

And herein is the crux to the problem: Kidnapping is an industry among the Mexican drug cartels who are preying upon people associated with the drug/crime activities. The conventional wisdom is that if you do not involve yourself with the "criminal element" then you are safe. Unless of course you are caught in the middle of a (Mexican*) Gang shoot out on a public street in the middle of a weekday afternoon.

Crime, in general is down, for the people who are willing to report to police a criminal event; but for those too scared of doing so, crime is, at least subjectively on the rise.

Obama has positioned the government and ICE to attack the employer, not the worker. And like the recent release and granting of work authorizations to the illegals in Washington State, this will embolden more to travel north using the cartels as coyotes. This will embolden the cartels to escalate the fight when confronted by law enforcement. Using those weapons received from the US, you know the fully automatic military rifles that can be bought in any American gun store, lone DPS officers will be unable to fight back. Northern Mexico style violence is coming to America, have no doubt about that.

Thankfully, Arizona is a concealed carry state and I am a permit holder and plan to carry every day now. Sure, I have no belief that I will be involved in a criminal event, but if I am, I will be ready.


*The AZ Republic (AZ Central) will not print anything even remotely related to the perpetrators if they have any Hispanic heritage. The AZ Republic is pro-illegal immigration. More Here.