Obama Contributor Wants Her Money Back

Remember back in January all those people caught in the Purple Tunnel snafu? Me neither, but apparently one contributor, Patricia Jones Blessman is still holding a bit of a grudge against Obama. See, she gave $10,000 to the Obama Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC) and subsequently missed seeing the inauguration because she was stuck in the Purple Tunnel.

She wrote an e-mail to the PIC and received this response:

PIC spokesman Josh Earnest, who is now working in the White House press office, said last month, "We’re sympathetic to the disappointment of those who had tickets to the swearing-in but were not admitted – many of whom had dedicated their time, energy and money to our successful campaign. It’s also why we’re following the congressional inquiry into the logistical problems that plagued the Capitol Hill ceremony."

Talk about a "go pound sand, we’re keeping your money" response. And really, Obama & Co© are good at keeping money and punishing the little guy.

Don’t take it personally Ms. Blessman, you are only one of 66,882,230. Back in 2007 blogger Rock Hacksaw, unabashed Obama supporter for Room Eight New York made this exact observation about the then candidate Obama. 

Obama is running the risk of people perceiving him as using New York as an Automatic Teller Machine. He comes to the city, brings his ATM card, makes withdrawals, then leaves.

And finally, this jem which I am sure Ms. Blessman is feeling like this morning:

[Obama is] like the guy who sneaks into his girlfriend’s apartment every Friday night after a long week working; he spends the weekend laying up, eating, drinking, using the phone to call his homeys, watching the ballgames on cable television, screwing, sleeping and such, but never takes her out anywhere…They often feel that they are being used, abused and taken for granted.

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