An Interesting Conversation With A Liberal

A couple of days ago (Thurs) I had a nice conversation with a family member. This is an unusual event as while we do converse, it’s mostly about family things and my son and you know, nothing of any importance. But he called me looking for a specific opinion on politics.

He is a VERY smart man. He is a well known and powerful big law managing partner. And he is a big liberal. Not an average liberal but one with serious connections. He threw an Obama Party during the convention. From “that side” of my family my only conclusion is that I must be adopted.

His question was one of simplicity; if Obama is so smart, so able to bring a consensus among Americans to elect him, why is he screwing over America with his socialist ideals?

This gave me pause. Not because I have some great political/social insight, heck my teaspoon of knowledge is no comparison to the Olympic size pool of knowledge that makes up the RS Directors. And really, his brain power is amazing to the point that he would make Pejmin appear just normal. No, what I see is someone who was duped into believing the emotional appeal of Hope & Change® and that politics can be what it is not.

My answer was as simple as I could muster;

Obama is a liberal, or even more accurately a socialist with adequate past performance to have determined what type of policies and directions he would impart upon the nation.

Add into the mix the ability to get pretty much anything through congress and willingness to convey a message of income redistribution by punishing success. And the result will be a protracted economic recovery, limited if even existent investment into business and the market and a general hunkering down among the people that create wealth. After all, why would you want to do anything that would increase your wealth if the confiscation of it (which he objected to the use of that term) meant that your work was punished.

At this point we discussed the potential of Obama and Co; you know, the platitudes of it takes time, Bush policies are causing all this etc. And then things got weird. He posed the question: Because people are hurting so bad from job loss, isn’t it the governments responsibility to restore those jobs?

With further clarification, I was literally beside myself. This brilliant man had conceded that jobs, in general were the result of government direction and were the “property” of government. This was a great but sad nite for me as this successful person had presented an ideological position ignorant at how society worked.