Obama’s DVD Gift Basket to PM Brown: The List

Yes, we have heard a lot about the “I Found It on Ebay” gift that Obama gave Prime Minister Brown on his first visit with our esteemed 44th President. What has not been revealed so far is exactly which 25 DVD’s were part of the gift; until now that is.

* Citizen Kane

* The Godfather

* Casablanca

* Raging Bull

* Singin’ in the Rain

* Gone with the Wind

* Lawrence of Arabia

* Schindler’s List

* Vertigo

* The Wizard of Oz

* City Lights

* The Searchers

* Star Wars: Episode IV

* Psycho

* 2001: A Space Odyssey

* Sunset Boulevard

* The Graduate

* The General

* On the Waterfront

* It’s a Wonderful Life

* Chinatown

* Some Like It Hot

* The Grapes of Wrath

* ET: The Extra-Terrestrial

* To Kill a Mockingbird


I wonder if Weird Al was inspirational in the selection?



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