Obama Says No to Troops at US-Mexico Border

"We’ve got a very big border with Mexico," he said. "I’m not interested in militarizing the border."

[The Mexican drug violence] he said Wednesday that so far it hasn’t spilled into this country enough to justify sending troops to the border.– Barack Obama

Yes, you read that right, Mexican inspired drug violence hasn’t spilled into this country enough to justify sending troops to the border. Now being an average Joe I certainly am not privy to Presidential Briefings, but one would think that such news reports like:  Mexico Drug Violence May Be Reaching Peak: More Than 1,000 People Have Died In Two Months, But Attorney General Says Cartels Are "Melting Down"

Perhaps currently known drug activity perpetrated by Mexican gangs already in the US is not enough to spur closing the US-Mexico border. After all, they are already here, what difference will it make now. Besides, we already know Obama’s position on legalizing certain drugs.

On Wednesday, Obama named a national drug czar, Seattle police Chief Gil Kerlikowske. Bush had given the post Cabinet rank. Obama removed that designation but said that’s no reflection of how seriously he takes the effort to curtail drug use.

And in the announcement of Mr. Kerlikowske to the position, Vice President Biden affirmed that the policies of drug interdiction supported by former President Bush will go by the wayside opting instead for:

The White House will push for treatment, rather than jail, for people arrested for drug-related crimes…The choice, announced by the Vice-President, Joe Biden, signal a sharp departure from Bush administration policies, away from cutting the supply of illicit drugs from foreign countries and toward curbing drug use across the United States.

Now, you may ask what does the initial point about Mexican drug violence, an open US-Mexico border and lax prosecution on illicit drugs have in common? Just one thing, increased crime. Look for more great headlines across the fruited pain like these:

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