The 10 Most Endangered Newspapers in America [updated]

[update 3/15/09]

After 138 years in business Tucson Citizen to close March 21st



The New York Daily News (#8) has replied to Time’s assertion that they are failing.

Daily News CEO Marc Kramer

"This is an irresponsible article that is totally unfounded and baseless," Kramer said. "Had this writer made one phone call to the Daily News, he would know that every so-called fact is wrong."

Kramer said The News is "in a strong position, investing heavily in what we see as a bright future as the dominant media outlet in New York."

By the end of this year, Kramer said, "We will become the most modern, high-quality newspaper in America as we bring our new presses into operation – a prospect that has thrilled advertisers and will excite the market."

Yes, I agree. Because their website is moving to mimic TMZ.com; which apparently is a pretty hot property these days. Octomom post in 3…..2……1…… NOW.


From Time

24/7 Wall St. has created a list of the 10 major daily papers that are most likely to fold or shutter their print operations and only publish online…Based on this analysis, it’s possible that 8 of the nation’s 50 largest daily newspapers could cease publication in the next 18 months.


1. The Philadelphia Daily News – Current circulation 100,000

2. The Minneapolis Star Tribune – Current circulation 300,000

3. The Miami Herald – Current circulation 220,000

4. The Detroit News – Current circulation 202,000

5. The Boston Globe  – Current circulation 350,000

6. The San Francisco Chronicle – Current circulation 370,000

7. The Chicago Sun-Times – Current circulation 312,000

8. The New York Daily News – Current circulation 703,000

9. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram – Current circulation 200,000

10. The Cleveland Plain Dealer – Current circulation 1,028,900 (Sunday)


I’m planning 4-6 failures personally.


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