AZ Governor Asks Legislature For $1 Billion in New Taxes

There is no doubt that Arizona, like many other states has a financial problem. Combined with the wonton free spending spree started by then Democrat Governor Janet Napolitano (now Homeland Security Secretary) and the sudden housing bubble pop in a state that was dependant upon that income. Heck, even the popular and always in demand TAZER is having problems.

From AZ Central

Gov. Jan Brewer is asking lawmakers to approve or send to the ballot a temporary tax increase that would generate $1 billion a year for state government…Chronic overspending and a deep economic downturn have left the state with a budget shortfall totaling roughly $3 billion for fiscal 2010. At its current rate of spending, Brewer warned legislators that state government would accumulate $13 billion in combined deficit by 2014.

This is not the action of a true conservative. However, there may be a silver lining on the black cloud. Also outlined by Gov. Brewer:

Amend the Voter Protection Act of 1998, which would allow legislators to redirect or cut funding to certain state programs that were approved via citizens initiative. This would impact everything from the First Things First early-childhood-education program to Clean Elections.

• Use spending cuts and other fiscal maneuvers to trim another $1 billion from the state general fund for fiscal 2010.

Reform the state budget process by limiting fund sweeps and revising how revenue estimates are reached.

A series of tax cuts that would begin in 2012. The cuts would be aimed at building "a more friendly tax code that attracts investment capital and helps create high wage, sustainable jobs."

Former Governor Fife Symington and Jeff Flake (R-AZ-6) “…are warning against raising sales or other taxes to solve the state’s $3 billion and growing budget gap.

Flake and Symington sent a letter to lawmakers Tuesday asking them to oppose any sales or other tax hike push, arguing it would hurt consumers and the economy.

“Last year, 120,000 Arizonans lost their jobs,” Flake and Symington wrote. “Saddling this anemic economy with higher taxes will exacerbate job losses, slow productivity, and cast a psychological pall over an increasing number of anxious Arizona workers and employers. California has tried to solve their budget chaos by raising taxes.”

There is no excuse for asking for tax increases and I am against them completely. Bravo Jeff Flake!!

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