40% of TV Stations Tell Obama and Congress to Go Pound Sand

It is law; Obama has signed the bill extending the DTV date from Feb. 17 to June 12.

In Obama’s own words:

During these challenging economic times, the needs of American consumers are a top priority of my administration…

This law, which was crafted in a bipartisan way and passed overwhelmingly in the House and Senate, ensures that our citizens will have more time to prepare for the conversion.

Ummmm, perhaps not Mr. President.

According to Reuters, "About 40 percent of the nation’s hundreds of TV stations will be broadcasting completely in digital signals next week, even after regulators delayed a mandatory nationwide switch to "DTV" by months."

So, for all of you in our most vulnerable communities, which happen to be:

San Diego will be the largest city to lose analog broadcasts of three networks: CBS, ABC and Fox.

Smaller cities losing most or all of their major analog network broadcasts include Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Okla.; Charleston and Greenville, S.C.; Dayton, Ohio; Springfield, Ill.; Burlington, Vt.; Bakersfield, Calif.; Binghamton, N.Y.; Casper, Wyo.; Lincoln, Neb.; Lubbock, Texas; Mobile, Ala.; and Sioux Falls, S.D.

Analysts at the Nielsen Co. Nielsen said Thursday that more than 5.8 million U.S. households, or 5.1 percent of all homes, are not ready.

Guess what; you will be ready or you will miss Lawrence Welk on PBS.


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