The Obama Administration's Position is "Exactly" The Same as That of The Bush White House

From the LA Times

We saw earlier that Obama, through executive order went ahead and continued the rendition thingy. Even though he campaigned that he would stop such activities.

Today we discover that Obama & Co® are 100% in support of Bush Administration policies concerning rendition. So much so they went before the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to push for the continued dismissal of a lawsuit brought by the ACLU on the basis that “revealing government secrets about rendition will threaten national security”.

The Obama administration’s position is "exactly" the same as that of the Bush White House.

Read that again: Obama’s position is-exactly-the-same as that of President Bush in evoking the state secrets privilege in support of rendition.

The ACLU said it was disappointed with the Obama government’s decision to press on with Bush’s opposition to a trial in the case.

What is most telling is that this is no off the cuff answer by the Obama administration:

The case was "thoroughly vetted with the appropriate officials of the new administration," said Letter, who was also involved in the case under President Bush. He said the judges would understand the government’s stance once they read a classified affidavit explaining its claim of so-called state secrets privilege.

President Obama has already signed executive orders…but has yet to formally end the rendition practice.

Of course we have learned how well the Obama White House is at vetting. So, to everyone who voted for Obama for change of Bush policies, thanks for your support on rendition and keeping America safe in the Global War on Terror.


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