It’s Illegal Without Permission, Shepard

Moe told us the other day that Shepard Fairey, the guy who created the Obama HOPE poster, is a bigger plagiarizer than Frank Abignale. The AP has decided to go great guns and enforce their copyright on the original photo. Will it go anywhere, who knows; the judge is probly one of the 37 hosting his very own Obama house party as we speak.

This weekend we found out that Mr. Fairey has expanded his lawless ways by posting graffiti in Boston. Turns out, those over reacting Boston police seem to think that their job is to arrest those who break the law. So they did.

Shepard Fairey is scheduled to face charges in a Boston courtroom tomorrow for allegedly pasting art without permission on two local sites that police discovered last month…

In the weeks leading up to the show, Fairey’s colorful posters appeared on buildings, in city squares, and on the backs of public structures in and around Boston, including a 50-foot banner that the artist unfurled last week on the side of City Hall, with the city’s permission.

But police were less pleased with the placement of the other works, obtaining a pair of warrants for property defacement.

I guess that Fairey’s OBEY thingy doesn’t mean obey the law.


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