Biden still not done with blaming Bush

So, no matter what you do in Washington, there is a 30% chance you democrats will fail and America will be worse off after you do it? I’m sure that’s not going to make the evening news.

It seems that our beloved Vice President has opened his mouth again to pitch the stimulus plan. While delivering a speech to about 200 Democratic House members on a weekend retreat in Williamsburg, VA (paid for by tax or lobbyist money?) ne made the following statement:

Often invoking history, Mr. Biden said previous U.S. governments have turned each crisis into an opportunity, with the exception of former President George W. Bush.

"He had a nation ready to make real sacrifices," Mr. Biden said of the country’s unity following the September 11 terrorist attacks, criticizing Mr. Bush for not using the opportunity to push through an energy bill or convene an international summit on Islamic radicalism. "But he blew it." — LINK

Yes, Mr. Vice President, because at a time of great loss following the most devastating attack ever on American soil is the right time for an energy bill. You sir, are an idiot.

Further on he opined that:

"Here’s the good news: The world has embraced President Obama in a way I’ve never seen in my 36 years."


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