DTV rollout delayed

On Wednesday the House voted 264-158 to delay the transition to Digital Television signal. It was pretty much a party line vote. And there you have it, the House agrees that Americans are so incompetent as to be able to figure out how to change over to digital TV signals.

“Every broadcaster in America is ready to go,” said Rep. Joe Barton of Texas, the House Commerce Committee’s top Republican. “You could keep the hard [Feb. 17] date and not have a problem.”

Several broadcasters have already stated their intention to make the switch Feb. 17, regardless of whether Congress moves the date. Among them is Sinclair Broadcasting Group Inc., which owns 39 TV stations across the country.

Broadcasters saying they will wait until June include News Corp., which owns 27 Fox stations in 18 markets, including Los Angeles and Chicago.

That could create a patchwork quilt of signals in some markets, with certain stations broadcast only in digital and others in both analog and digital. Some older converter boxes don’t have the ability to handle both types of signals, so some viewers may have to unplug the device to watch one channel broadcast in analog, then plug it back in to watch another in digital.  —LINK



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