Electric cars you can buy in 2009

Actually, I am a big supporter of the electric car idea. Problem is the electric car concept as envisioned today is strategically flawed; but that is for another post (and yes, I am working on it).

Our impassioned, however disillusioned friends over at Auto Blog Green have created a list of electric cars you can buy today. Sure, the Tesla made the list, but come on, even for an electric car it’s a pretty good looking design, but you can’t really buy one, not unless you are Leonardo DiCaprio or the 99 others who have reservations for the first 100.

And as we stand on the precipice of transferring billions of dollars to the auto makers allowing unprecedented leverage by Washington to impart their ideas on what the American public need to drive, I think now would be a good time to see some of these available electric abominations.

Auto Blog Green

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