[Amended] The Republicans Who Voted Yes For Eric Holder Confirmation

As an addition toStreiff’s post No on Eric Holder I think it’s time to call out every Republican who saw fit to stand up and say Aye to this travesty.

[Amended] to include reference to President Obama and Democrats continue to defend tax cheats

[Amendment 2] I believe this is a fundamental conservative line in the sand that has been crossed by every republican who voted for it. It’s one thing for Hillary to get a nod on confirmation but Holder, a man with values inherently in disagreement with conservative principals. For me, I will be contacting Kyl’s office in the morning and voicing my disagreement. I urge everyone here whose Senator did this to do the same.


Bennett (R-UT)     Collins (R-ME)      Corker (R-TN)       Graham (R-SC)       Grassley (R-IA)       Hatch (R-UT)       Kyl (R-AZ)       Lugar (R-IN)       McCain (R-AZ)       Murkowski (R-AK)       Sessions (R-AL)       Snowe (R-ME)       Specter (R-PA)