Rep. Harry Mitchell (D-AZ-5): Owns the Stimulus

Turns out the great showing by the GOP House republicans (and 13 democrats) this earlier week has rattled some. Meet Rep Harry Mitchell, democrat from Arizona CD-5. You may remember he beat out J.D. Hayworth from that seat in 2006. What you may not know is that J.D. now has a wildly popular radio talk program and has, by his own admission more influence now over policy then he ever did as an elected official.

Back to Rep. Mitchell, who today delivered a “State of the District” address to the Tempe Chamber of Commerce, which incidentally is having huge budget problems. During the 30-minute speech, Mitchell declared the nation’s economy to be “almost in a freefall.”

Then it gets weird. Following the address he met with the media and made the following statements:

Mitchell called the minority party’s position “unfortunate” and “not a good sign.”…

“I think it is unfortunate there was a partisan tone,” Mitchell said Friday. “You can’t talk to business people or economists on either side, right or left, who believe the government shouldn’t be doing something — and this was something.”

Mitchell said the word on Capitol Hill was the Republicans’ unified stand was less against the stimulus…than a show of resolve against House Speaker Nancy PelosiLINK

Oh really? I yield the floor to the honorable Representative Lee from New York for rebuttal.