Arkansas Resolution Congratulating Obama Rejected in Committee

No, really, Committee on State Agencies and Governmental Affairs from the State of Arkansas rejected a resolution congratulating President Obama on becoming president. 11-6 was the final tally.

Why, I thought all states drafted something congratulating new presidents.

They do. Gov. Palin (AK) included it in the Alaska State of the State address. Even Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad congratulated The Great Satan Barack Obama on his election win – the first time an Iranian leader has offered such wishes to a U.S. president-elect since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

But why did Arkansas reject the resolution? Evil Republicans? Klaatu (The good one, not the cheesy Keanu one)? Dr. Evil? Ohhhhh I know, it was Rove…..ROVE.

If you picked Evil Smart Republicans then you win today’s prize.

Come on PhxG you’re not that gullible, you can’t in all honesty say the Republicans on the Committee on State Agencies and Governmental Affairs are not evil, they wouldn’t even pass the resolution congratulating President Obama. They are probly racist too.

I don’t know if any racism exists, however, it appears the bills’ author, Rep. Stephanie Flowers, D-Pine Bluff might just be. That, or crazy; both are fairly likely. Rep. Dan Greenburg, R-Little Rock, and Rep. Ed Garner, R-Maumelle, were distressed (along with the other 9 committee members that voted against it) that the laguage in the resolution was inflammatory and wanted the language stricken or amended.

But what could Rep. Flowers, a democrat of CD-17 in the Great State of Arkansas have written into that resolution that would keep those evil republicans from voting for it?

Glad you asked dear reader. Rep. Flowers included in the resolution this passage:

WHEREAS, a nation founded by slave owners [emp mine] and seared by civil war and generations of racial strife made a leap in the march toward equality and delivered a smashing electoral college victory to the forty-seven year-old first-term senator from Illinois, who forged a broad, multi-racial and multi ethnic coalition; and… —LINK (PDF)

No, seriously, she included that exact passage? SERIOUSLY?

Yes, SERIOUSLY. Reps. Greenburg and Garner wanted the language stricken or amended, noting that not every founding father was a slave owner. However, Rep. Flowers, Democrat, argued that the debate centered on competing historical viewpoints and that the language was not meant to be offensive, and that anyone who found it so didn’t have a clear understanding of the history of the nation and the role slavery played.

But there’s more.

More?!?! how could there possibly be more to this story; Did those Evil Republicans kill kittens too??

Turns out, that paragraph was copied, word for word from an article written by Mark Z. Barabak, November 5, 2008. Here, you can see for yourself. Not only that, but no where in the resolution does she offer citation, back link, Hat Tip or even a wink towards Mr. Barabak.

Wait, that Barabak he’s really just some blogger without front page access just like you. He must be in Arkansas and related, right? A plant by Rove….ROVE to discredit this local Representative.

Not exactly. Mark Z. Barabak is a long time staff writer for the LA Times. Perhaps it’s time for the delete button to be pushed down there in Arkansas and allow a proper resolution congratulating Obama be written by those on top of the game Republicans.